We plan, build and run Microsoft and vmware® based Client and Server Environments

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Infrastructure and Support - Our roots, our passion!

We provide high-end Services in the Fields of proactive Server Operations, Maintenance, Optimization and Management of such.

It's deep in our hearts and we strongly believe that without deep knowledge about the underlying Infrastructure one cannot build anything on top of it properly.

Don't even think that a Windows based Environment, even at a very large scale, could be slow or even unstable! Although it is true that things most likely don't run smooth out of the box, but with the right design and the proper tweaks, things can get very shiny for your users, your IT staff, your CIO, your CFO and even your CEO!

Lean back! We plan, build and run Windows based Client and Server Environments the right way, so you can be productive.

Windows the way it's meant to be.

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