High End Solutions for Industry V4 inspired Serialization System Environments

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Fully Managed Services


IT Operations, Maintenance, Support and Monitoring of the complete internal IT Infrastructure of a Nano Tech / Research company.

E.g. 1st, 2nd and 3rd Level Support for up to 120 client systems, infrastructure maintenance and support for servers and networks as well as IT consultancy for the operation and optimization of the infrastructure.

microtom is proudly managing the entire IT of an internationally operating mid-size business!

ISAR / Autoclave Reporting Framework and Sterilization Portal


ISAR is a tailor-made reporting system software developed for a medium sized company in the food industry. It collects real-time data from Siemens S7 automation modules used to manage Steam, Temperature and Pressure on high-pressure Steam-Autoclaves.

The Autoclaves are used to dry and sterilize products in the Food Industry and to sterilize tools in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The software is made of an agent, a SQL Database, a Web based API and a Web frontend.

Line Downtime Planner


The Downtime Planner is a tailor-made software that helps our customer to exactly plan the production. It is now also a part of gears 4.0 but is available as a stand-alone Module too.

By means of an interface to the Planning Data System (SAP APO), the software is helping the maintenance teams to plan and execute their maintenance downtimes according to the packaging schedules.

Infrastructure Care


Operation, Maintenance, 3rd Level Support and Monitoring of a 500+ Servers Global Microsoft HyperV and Microsoft System Centre managed Infrastructure in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

ABB YuMi UI Experience


For demonstration purposes of the capabilities of the ABB YuMi Robot, we developed a fancy web application on a Linux based small industrial device that enabled the user to simply chose an action that was then performed by the Robot.

In addition, a streaming media service was given the command to play a corresponding movie. With the click of 1 button, we have demonstrated the very basic idea of industry 4.0 where machines and computer systems work much closer together.

Active Directory Picture Upload Tool


The Active Directory Picture Upload Tool was requested by a customer to make their HR department's life easier.

Whereas IT staff was required before, the HR department can now easily add, remove and exchange employee portraits to the Active Directory for further use in Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft Exchange and other products all by itself.

SCCM 2012 for 600+ Servers


An automated solution to deliver

  • Operating System Deployment
  • Software Deployment
  • System Center Endpoint Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Custom Reporting
  • Desired Configuration Management

Custom Program for Migrating Vendor Preloaded Windows 8.1 Computers into a Validated Environment


Although it looks quite simple on the outside, this program performs some complex operations on the Operating System as well as on the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Environment behind it.

In order to migrate vendor preloaded Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 computers into a FDA validated environment, our customer needed a tool that was able to execute all the steps necessary with a minimum of user interactions.

The tool basically performs a fully automated installation of the SCCM 2012 Client Agent, hooks up to the SCCM 2012 environment, approves the new client, moves the client into a dedicated collection, gathers Tattoo, Installation and Branding options out of a preconfigured configuration file that is used for the customers standard OS installations and launches a task sequence that performs all actions necessary such as the Domain Join and the Installation of the Application Portfolio specified in the Clients Configuration File.

SCCM Deployment Configurator


The SCCM Deployment Tool is an asp.net based website that allows the customer to pre-deploy physical as well as virtual computers.

Using an SCCM 2012 Task Sequence with MDT Integration, this Program can preconfigure the Configuration Records for Deployments in advance rather than using UDI or other "on deployment" utilities.

This allows to separate the deployment team tasks from the actual infrastructure tasks and reduces the configuration effort by an outstanding 90% through automation.

BMP to JPG Converter


A simple command line utility that converts Bitmap Images into the .jpg format. It's free to the community and has been downloaded more than 250.000 times already!

As this tool can be controlled using arguments it makes it so easy to batch convert thousands of images within minutes! It could even be triggered by a task schedule to repeat the conversion for new images.

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