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Smart Manufacturing

Intelligent Manufacturing & Serialization

gears 4.0

A new level of Supply Chain and Manufacturing insights

The all new gears 4.0 is a Production Cockpit and combines Business Logic with actual Production Data generated by TTS Systems and delivers centralized tools that help you to manage, control and optimize a Serialization System and its associated Supply Chain Components.

It delivers innovative Business Intelligence functionalities and combines Infrastructure Management and Monitoring functionalities in a responsive, clever and intuitive User Interface.

Thanks to our infrastructure know-how, microtom® is also able to provide the necessary environment to run things smoothly.

But we don't stop here! Actually, we haven't even get started!

As of remarkable customer relationships and their valuable feedbacks, our product is alive and improving constantly. Tell us what you are missing, e.g. an important Module for your environment, and we will create exactly what you were looking for, together with you! If it suits the general portfolio, you even get great deals on custom development!

We pay a lot of attention to the details without losing grasp on the big picture, so we run each scenario twice before we start: From the top down and from the bottom up.

gears 4.0 gives you in-depth views on your ERP and Execution Systems and informs you instantly, should there be a problem with manufacturing, packaging or shipping your products.

Infrastructure Management and Monitoring

  • Details that make the Difference

    gears 4.0 is made in Switzerland gears 4.0 made in Switzerland
  • Real Supply Chain - Real-Time

    Manufacturing. From Planning to Execution to Tracking
  • Serialization System Control

    Detect Conflicts - Prevent downtime - Control Track and Trace
  • Business Intelligence and Planning Data

    Smart Dashboards that visualize productivity and planning
  • Built-In Infrastructure Monitoring

    Manage and monitor underlying Windows and SQL Infrastructure
  • Optimize Manufacturing

    Production insights that track down the cause of Material losses
  • Details that make the Difference
  • Real Supply Chain - Real-Time
  • Serialization System Control
  • Business Intelligence and Planning Data
  • Built-In Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Optimize Manufacturing

The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Framework

gears 4.0 (or GRS: Global Reporting Solution if you prefer abbreviations) unifies Business Logical layers with Production and Manufacturing Systems. So it is very basically connecting Machines to an Enterprise Environment.

Who is it for?

gears 4.0 is a multifunctional Platform. It is primarily designed for manufacturers in order to help them efficiently manage their processes, prevent unforeseen downtimes and detect troubles or inconsistencies in a Work Order process or in the Infrastructure. It also helps the Manufacturing IT to manage computers that require high-availability and fast response times and last but not least it combines Enterprise Data with Production Data in a simple to use interface.

What's different?

gears 4.0 is vendor independent and fills many gaps that were not available in any other Software and connects Serialization Line outputs with ERP environments in a simple but yet very granular way.

What's the benefit?

With gears 4.0 it is now possible to optimize not only the Manufacturing process, the packaging Lines or the Shop floor activities, gears also gives insights and analytics for Project Teams that move packaging to Aggregation or Management Teams that are not afraid to see the unsparing truth on their production.

The Manufacturing & Supply Chain Framework

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